Product Details

Specialized in offering customized uhmw tape, it is one of the best uhmw tape manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy bulk uhmw tape made in China in stock with our factory.

1.UHMW,UHMW’s molecular weight ranges from 3.1 million to 9.2 million for your choice

2.Standard size:


Max width: up to 300mm

We can manufacture according to your requirements too.

3.Features of our UHMW tapes

Product advantage ( Uhmwpe Film  )

1.Protect your product surface from pollution, damage & UV .corrode, and scratch during the process of produce, transport, store and installation

2.Durable, recyclable, health & safe; Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging by Uhmwpe Film

3.6 color over print to improve your brand image by having your logo & contact details on;

4.Stable adhering capacity and Special easy-peel & remove, no adhesive residue after Uhmwpe Film removal;

5.We have the 9 whole production line (blow molding, printing, coating, cutting)

6.producing Uhmwpe Film for 20 years