Fire Resistance Board

Product Details

Specialized in offering customized fire resistance board, it is one of the best fire resistance board manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy bulk fire resistance board made in China in stock with our factory.

1.UHMW,UHMW’s molecular weight ranges from 3.1 million to 9.2 million for your choice

2.Standard size:

1x3m, 2x3m, 1.5x1.5m

Thickness: 3mm to 500mm

We can manufacture according to your requirements too.

3.Features of our fire resistance sheet

Our flame-retardant UHMWPE sheet can avoid the sheets from the fire harm. But in the same time, it has the very good technical properties of UHMWPE. So the flame-retardant UHMWPE sheet are widely used as wearable liner and impact liner in the flaming and high temperature condition. It is widely used in mineral industry , power cable industry, baking industry and food industry now.

4.Anyang Ultrahigh flame-retardant grade UHMW-PE sheet have the following specifications:

1.Halogen free

2.Antimony free

3.No strong smoke emission

4.Non-toxic smokes