Seal Gasket

Product Details

Specialized in offering customized seal gasket, it is one of the best seal gasket manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy bulk seal gasket made in China in stock with our factory.


1.Excellent non-sticky property---It easier to remove those resin, dopes, oil and other sticky things.

2.Good mechanical property with no distortion and low friction coefficient.

3.Excellent insulation property.

4.Materials like carbon, graphite and glass fiber can be filled.

5.Virgin uhmwpe resin materials are necessary.

6. Strong anti chemical properties

7. Work under extreme temperature

Seal Gasket to be machined by moulded tubes which can perform very well under the very low temperature such as liquid helium (-269 ℃) and still have the good features. Therefore, it is often used as low temperature resistance parts of the nuclear industry.

Material: UHMWPE

Working temperature:  -265℃ -- 80℃

Through the sample charge is high, it is able for us to refund it back to you when the order is placed afterwards.

The washer can be CUSTOMIZED.(Tolerance: +0.5mm)