HDPE Ground Mat

Product Details

Specialized in offering customized hdpe ground mat, it is one of the best hdpe ground mat manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy bulk hdpe ground mat made in China in stock with our factory.

Ground Mats

Our ground mats are perfectly designed for Ground Protection, Pathways, Parking and Walkways

With a non slip extruded finish on both sides, they provide a superior grip for vehicles or machinery whilst enabling the mats themselves to grip the ground beneath. Unlike most other ground mats, ours have been specified at a size which accommodates the width of most vehicle, crane, and equipment chassis. With six handles, the lightweight pads can be carried, positioned and stored with minimal effort.

HDPE Protection Mats for temporary pathways and walkways as well as temporary roadways and parking surfaces - GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO LAYING DOWN PLYWOOD.

1)Easy to install ground protection for pedestrians, plant and vehicles up to 140 tonnes.

2)Fast temporary access, working areas and trackways.

3)Unique non-slip reflective markings for night safety (optional).

4)Unique ‘Cats Eyes’ reflectors for night safety (optional).

5)Save time and money in reinstating ground.

6)Made from 100% High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) reduces landfill waste and cost.

7)Avoid severe rutting eco damage to environmentally sensitive areas.