Anyang Ultrahigh Industrial Technical Co., Ltd., Member of National Torch Plan Project. We focus on produce UHMWPE for over 19 years since 1996. Proved by ISO 9001, National mining product safety certification. Ensure 100% pure UHMWPE material that ensure only high quality product supplying. Never stopped innovation at the same time. Our product specification tests by China National centre for Quality Supervision & Test of Plastic Product regularly.

Based on the Germany equipment and technology with our own innovation built our own  production line which is proved by Certificate of Utility Model Patent. The highly efficient hydraulic press, the excellent mold technology and high-precision molds, all of the above are very advanced in China, which  we can guarantee the best quality products to our users in the production of no matter the ordinary or the special modified materials. Anyway, we can manufacture customize except the standard products.

Our company introduces U.S. Company PSD 's installation technology. According to different environments of ultrahigh UHMWPE Products, we provide a full range of installation and connection methods to ensure safety and effectiveness of the equipment.